Some time ago we switched to Garmin with a 7" Overlander which I find ingenious for its ease and practicality of use, plus you can prepare your routes, waypoints and tracks on a PC and from the moment you connect the Overlander to the internet it updates to the status of the internet portal and vice versa.
The Overlander can be paired with an Inreach Mini with which you can make satellite distress calls even where there is no phone reception, and with Bluetooth via the phone you can send text messages!
Depending on the satellite subscription you also have a 'Ping position' ranging from 10min+ to 2min+.

Panasonic toughbook CF-19 MK4
with a usb GPS antenna outside the vehicle, with the OziExplorer programme.

It is a very versatile GPS navigation programme, in fact if you have a paper map, you can scan or photograph it and calibrate it with the programme and use it on a PC or GPS.

Docking station
I installed a docking station in the cabin, on the passenger side, so that the co-pilot can take care of navigation and route management and the pilot can concentrate on driving.