To organize a trip like this without any knowledge of how to do it requires a lot of work, but the research, the contact with other people, the exchange of ideas with the travel group was really fantastic! Fixing as the next fixed point of departure on December 15, on the ferry we will then have time to adjust the last details of the stages. Planning 4 weeks traveling with vehicles is really difficult, in fact a break, a technical misunderstanding or who knows what can make us lose time, time we have, in fact in the last week of travel, 6 days are dedicated to visits and reserve, these days in case of need will be used to repair vehicles or other.

What did we have to prepare for the trip?
First I had to find a track already made by someone, it is not mandatory, but this makes it a bit easier to establish where we want to go. Already for Corsica I had done so and in case of need or insecurity you can contact who made the track, as I did for a previous idea that I then had to change because of a tunnel too low. Later, we had to clarify what was necessary to go to Morocco, such as visas, passports or identity cards, being a state bordering the European Union, the identity card should be sufficient, but the Department of Foreign Affairs mentions the passport. Then a chip to pass military checkpoints, a document summarising personal and vehicle data, is apparently also necessary, this information will be verified on the spot. In addition to a form that can be completed in advance on the internet is the (D16b) document for the temporary import of a motor vehicle, attention! the vehicle is apparently inscribed in the passport, so the person who imports the vehicle must also export it! You know my truck through the photos and videos published, for Erwin, I will ask Stefano in Morocco if he will be willing to introduce it to us. A reliable GPS, that is.

The preparation of the vehicle
mechanical preparation and mechanical accessories is of fundamental importance, being able to deflate the tires of the truck to travel on sand and the possibility to inflate them again before resuming the road. 
As a luxury variant, I decided to bring an air bolting machine as well, in case of necessity it will be practical. 
A complete set of ratchet wrenches from 10 to 24 and a set of large ratchet wrenches from 17 to 42 (if I'm not mistaken)
Several wrenches Two wrenches, one normal and one "giant".
Two 16mm and 20m towing ropes
 A towbar, useful in case of a total breakdown 
European brake connections (to power the second vehicle in case of breakdown)
Several small items that could break (e.g. fuses, bridles, screws, etc.)
Quick couplings for air hoses (in case of a broken hose we can simply splice the broken hose)

How will we travel?
So much desire to travel, so much desire to discover this country and so much desire for the desert. Many uncertain things, many emotions before the departure, a certain feeling "it was time", many group dynamics but an excellent group. We will travel calmly, many Km, a lot of Diesel and a certain impatience to leave.